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Adventure Begins @ home...!!
The year starts as expected, party with loved one… missing a handful… I love to travel as most of them know, it really doesn’t matter if there is a purpose or no cause it just adds up on my way, like picking passengers from different stations…I love doing that cause it really keeps you out of stress and regenerates the much needed free space in your mind, it also ensures that the you are balanced…

Theme this time is spend time with your loved ones as much as you can and enjoy every minute of it… and this is my new year resolution… and I wouldn’t want to break it though resolutions are meant to be broken sooner or later….

I somehow manage not to think while traveling as I believe

“When you are set to do something that you love, there shouldn’t be anything that keeps you pre occupied and if you don’t enjoy what you love, then why on earth and for good reason are you doing it…!???”


This time I mistook AM and PM of my bus timing, booked the tickets for a day bus and wanted to board the night bus and that’s when I realized

“Dude, you have kick started the journey.. Congratulations..!” (Was telling myself ;))

Managed to get lucky and board the last bus to Bangalore, luckier to be in the last window seat (Not being Sarcastic), for I can’t travel long distance with windows wound up… it suffocates… and then I find out that I’m running low on Vitamin “M” for the ticket to even reach half way... Holy Cow…!!! Adventure begins at home (copied and manipulated : p) doesn’t it..?? Then comes the most annoying but really handy gadget and goes a call “Su, I’m running out of cash, get to Jyothi circle and deliver the cash to the bus”

Right on time, he’s there with the cash, bought the ticket…

You feel the cool breeze asking you “all set..?? Lets rock n roll, play some music yo…”

Feeling the Mountain breeze soothing your senses, Soft and romantic music, a dim moonlight and moving shadows of the trees… washing all your worries something like saying “Gone with the Wind”… slowly taking you to the roads that lead to peace within…

In simple words “FALL ASLEEP” :P

Wake up to realize a stranger offering you a cup of much needed dose of caffeine for 5 bucks in the freezing dawn and a news that bus is stationed for half hour as the driver is taking his share of break… why not… then I blend the caffeine with a small dose of nicotine just enough to light you up to see the sunrise, freezing weather, shivering me yet don’t want to stay indoors for one of natures amazing quality “Freshness and purity”

Reached the city in a while for the second sunrise of the year in a city far from the first sunrise… Click Click Click.. urrrghhhh.. stupid truck… looks ok not bad… reached my friends abode and “Wake up dude, open the door, I’m outside your flat” calling him on the phone… then I get some rest and snore to glory for my next journey…

“We will be landing in 20 minutes and the weather looks fine for a safe landing announces the captain” I have to stop here for now…

O ya curious about the first sunrise…Stay curious… will blurt it soon… ;)

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Already heard n responded to the abridged version of this story, so nothing new to say. :) Now waiting for the sunrise... :) Did u get the third one as well?

Forget the rise... you dont even see the sun during peek noon... it is only light and nothing else... Went for a long walk with Bob's shopping grocery... it was awesome walk and amazing weather.... I'm loving it....

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