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Anxiety dies down and is buried by some brilliant words, some wonderful conversations and lots of texting… Finally a free mind sets on its one of the most awaited journey...

Isn’t it all it takes?? Meet the right kind of people, share what you are going through and get the right kind of advice in a perfect logical manner... and just keep wondering, what happened??? I Is it really that simple...!!!???

For a person like me, it has never been easy to cope up with problems that involve emotion and sentiments… But I still manage to get compliments like “You are a critical thinker, and you can think from all round the circle” (Not boasting, but thought it should come here) from people sitting miles away and whom I have met once, this holds good and perfect at work for you need this at work. But when I come back to me as a person and apply this to the personal life, it goes chaotic… a very few know that I over think matters and these “FEW” have helped me learn where to stop and they stop me when I over think… They have helped me understand why it is important to control your thoughts and made me realize how better life can get if your thought process is under control…

I think I have mentioned about this article from speaking tree (I don’t recall if I did, that’s k), shared by one of my best friend (I consider, wouldn’t be wrong if I say so), in simple words it says “Don’t worry about things that are not under your control, rather think what is in your control and sort things out there… (Not the exact words) but that’s the logic I was missing. May be I was so lost that I couldn’t think of it… (Dude, u r not a knowledge bank, Wake Up…!! ;) )

Since bob’s left it had been quite a long while I have conversed with people who have made me feel alive, now (that I’m talking to 2 such kind ;p) almost daily for a few hours in and out, I know I can do things my way… else I would have been a robot programmed to work by some weird looking freaky electronic codes :S

Something new learnt which is effective and working well and handy for life,

It is just not enough if you can think from all perspective, but it is more important that you know where and when to stop thinking

A free mind can certainly make wonders and keep you at peace. Things have changed, the way I look at things have changed and best part is I know I’m changing (this surprises many who know me from a really long time ). It is like I have been through the re-habilitation of mind therapy to keep you serene…

Life is as you want it to be and not what it looks like. Simpler the way you look at it better you live and enjoy. That’s what I have concluded keeping in mind the words of the “Therapists”

Both of you don’t realize how much you have helped me by just being there, when I told this to Bob’s she was so glad that I was sane and not worried or sulking…

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Yes, it really is that simple. :) And I'm really happy to see a post where you're not confused. :D

I've told you this before, but it won't hurt to say it again. One of the things I admire in you is that you know yourself inside out, both the good and the bad, and you constantly strive to better yourself. Advice is easy to give (as you know from the many people who give it to you unasked :p), but it may as well not be given if it isn't taken. If you have changed for the better it is because you have made up your mind to change. :) I'm so proud of you for that.

I do realise how much it means to you to have us around, because you keep saying it and also because I can see it for myself. :) I've seen you cranky and pissed off and also totally relaxed and happy and I much prefer the second version.. :D

Change is the only inevitable thing on earth.. sooner i cope up it is better (Lil selfish thought)... i want to be this way... and live not just survive... :),, n i'm living it... ;P

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